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Collector Consultations

30 Years of Experience

An Economically Viable Cellar Suited to Your Tastes, Needs, and Goals

With over thirty years of experience collecting wines Chan has been rewarded for smart buys and patience as wines age, disappointed by wines gone bad or fallen out of popularity, outgrown old preferences and found new ones, over weighted and underweighted his cellar with reds vs. whites, new world vs. old world wines, or one varietal vs. another, seen a wine or two quadruple in value and others lose value.  In short, wine collecting can be an expensive proposition filled with risk and reward and the quandary of multiple decision points pitting emotion against financial sense.

Whether you are just starting out or have been collecting for a while FineWining™ can help:

Develop and implement balanced, value based collection strategies tailored to your personal tastes and objectives

Provide a valuation of your cellar

Determine drinking windows for your wines

Re-balance your cellar

Provide purchase recommendations and track down hard to find wines

Fulfill your purchase decisions at competitively attractive prices

Our goal is to work collaboratively with our clients to put and keep you on a path to building an economically viable cellar that meets your needs and wishes and brings you a sense of pride.  We remain available after our initial efforts to help with purchase decisions and ongoing valuations.

Discover the world of wine through FineWining™.