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Learn How to Taste

Keeping it Fun and Within Your Budget

Tired of “faking it?”  Feel like a “deer in the headlights” when tasting words and terms start flying around at the table?  Wonder why acidity in wine can be a good thing?  Don’t know the difference between a silky tannin and a round tannin, medium and full bodied, body and finish?  What’s structure in a wine? Want to learn how to taste?

What’s terroir?  What difference does climate make?  Want to experience the breadth of taste the same grape can produce from different regions and different growing conditions?  Maybe you’re tastes are changing and you want to experience new wines.  Rieslings are all sweet, right?  Interested in Burgundy, but it just seems too complex, too expensive?  Did you know that many Burgundy producers take great pride in their regional wines and this is a great and cost-effective way to go about tasting, learning and understanding the differences in Burgundy wines, producers and what appeals to your palate?  Want to explore the difference between different vintages or the difference between producers in the same region?  What about wine and food pairings?

Forming or want to reinvigorate your wine group and need some guidance and ideas?  Want to bring a more learned approach to your next group tasting?  Maybe you’re looking for an ice-breaking activity for your team or organization?  Have an upcoming trip and want to better familiarize yourself with the wines of the region before heading out?

FineWining™ will tailor wine tastings to most any interest, group, need and level of expertise while keeping it fun and within your budget.  Our focus is on bringing wines to light through a better understanding of tasting components, as well as the climate, geography, foods and cultures that so importantly influence the wines of the world’s important wine regions.


Discover a Fine Wining Tasting